Friday, November 13, 2015

NYC “The Big Apple” as model

Constructing Manhattan from the Razor’s Edge” by Christina Lihan, consists of a series of stark-white paper cut-outs hanging diorama-style in striking, hard-angled and recognizable shapes. 

Representing many of NYC’s memorable buildings - including familiar landmarks at the Flatiron District and Madison Square - it is a magical simulated mini-skyline.

The artist’s meticulously hand cut, site-specific installation encapsulates a layered Manhattan.

With references to each neighborhood’s historical past, the physical structures are meticulously constructed while the perspective presented pays homage to the pedestrians passing by. 

The best known permanent exhibition at the Queens Museum is the "Panoramaof the City of New York", commissioned by Robert Moses for the 1964 World’s Fair

Lihan’s recreation is a model city that floats and moves - embodying NYC’s ever changing energy and movement. 

Corresponding to a city that marches to a different drum, to the visceral experience of being a part of her neighborhoods and boroughs, to the excitement ignited in walking her streets and avenues.

The artist’s rendition of the city starts with the tip of Manhattan in the prow of the ground floor of the Flatiron Building, the Cheryl McGinnis Gallery.

Broadening as it moves uptown just like the real city it represents - it fill up the widening space of the venue, as it expands the viewers perspective. 

Its thick white paper - cut and creased in razor sharpness - reflect the brightness and energy of the city, bright lights and tight walkways, an expansive sky above and compressed movement below.

The exhibit runs from August 15 to January 16. Catch it while you can!